The Word of God Christian Academy opened its doors in 2005 as a ministry of The Word of God Church when a group of con- cerned parents in the congregation expressed an interest in providing their children an op- portunity to receive a quality Christian edu- cation. The pastors’ of The Word of God Church, after much prayer and discussion, agreed that this ministry would form a vital part of discipling our children and help de- velop them as leaders in the church and the community.

Valentin Chavez, of The Word of God Church and Director of the Academy is the principle of the Academy. The same board that over- sees the church oversees the academy.

As a church-school, our mission at The Word of God Christian academy (WGCA) is to obey the Scriptures in Proverbs 22:6 to “train up a child in the way he should go,” Training for life must include training for eternity. We want to help parents do that. The Edu- cation Program (Math, English, Social Stud- ies, etc.) methods of motivation and inspira- tions at WGCA are dependent upon a Biblical philosophy to provide truth, principles and proper training for our children.

ATTENDANCE AT WGCA is a privilege and

not a right. The goal of WGCA is not to re- form, but to train young people (at their own individual level of learning to achieve in Chris- tian leadership, self-discipline, individual re- sponsibility, personal integrity, good citizen- ship, and respect for those in authority (Parents, School, Government, Etc.)

Traditional Values, which are concepts consid- ered foundational to meaningful interpersonal relationships and productive living are con- veyed throughout the curriculum in such a way as to become life-changing influences. Students are taught to see life from God’s point of view and to walk in wisdom.

Academic excellence is produced by individu- alization.

Character Development is training received as part of this learning experience and prepares students to welcome and accept challenges and future opportunities that come their way.

On the surface, most schools look alike: build- ings, personnel, curriculum, and budgets. WGCA is different.

Individualization: Whether the student is a high achiever or a moderate paced learner, the program WGCA offers begins at the exact level determined by the child’s ability. This is what is meant by individualization.